Table of contents

A new look at nitrate movement in soils, by R.F. Nielson and L.A. Banks 2

More nitrogen for home garden sweet corn, by H.B. Peterson 4

Viruses, by G.W. Cochran 5

Creep feeding of lambs, by M.A. Madsen and D.J. Matthews 9

Hidden losses from CRD and sinusitis, by J.T. Blake 10

Asphalt-coated jute liner developed for canals and reservoirs, by C.W. Lauritzen 12

The farmer and social security 14

Who benefits from the bypass highways in Utah, by T.R. Black 16

Prepackaging treatments, by D.K. Salunkhe and R.A. Norton 18

Harvesting by swather maintains quality of hay, by G.E. Stoddard, C.H. Mickelsen, L.L. Perkes, and G.Q. Bateman 20

Vendors in schools increase consumption of milk, by R.A. Christensen and H.H. Hiskey 22

Yield response from nitrogen, by R.F. Nielson and G.A. Van Epps 24