Table of contents

Overwintering annual flowers, by o. Riethmann 34

Supply-consumption balance of market milk in Utah, by R. A. Christensen 37

Seven iackrabbits equal one ewe by D. L. Goodwin 38

Tumorous head genes in fly population by E. J. Gardner 40

Severity of the codling moth problem in Utah, by D. W. Davis 42

Antibiotics in chronic respiratory disease and infectious sinusitis by J. T. Blake and R. A. Smart 44

Vitamin enriched apple juice, by R. K. Gerber and D. K. Salunkhe 46

Fence bunk silo, by G. Q. Bateman and C. H. Mickelsen 48

Retail margins on perishable item , by E. W. Lamborn and A. G. Madsen 52

Fruits and vegetable offered by retail stores by L. S. Galloway and E. B. Wilcox 53

Lamb docking methods, by D. H. Matthews, D. J. Matthew, and P. R. Ogden 55