Table of contents

Grazing versus feeding green chop in dry lot, by G.Q. Bateman, G.E. Stoddard, and C.H. Mickelsen 2

Radioisotopes—an aid in plant studies, by R.L. Smith 4

Safe uses of agricultural chemicals established through research, by J.C. Street 6

Competition for forage by game and livestock, by A.D. Smith 8

Control western x-disease in sweet cherries by top-working on mahaleb rootstocks, by B.N. Wadley 10

Economic uses of Utah’s rangeland resources, by N.K. Roberts 12

Advantage in directing seeding of tomatoes, by A.R. Hamson 15

Flowers tolerant to salinity, by R. Monk and H.B. Peterson 17

The rose stem girdler on raspberries, by N.N. Raghuvir and D.W. Davis 18

Tenderness of beef, by D.J. Mathews and J.A. Bennett 20