Table of contents

New crops research center 58

Lilies for western gardens, by Otto Riethmann 59

Grains as supplemental pasture for sheep, by P. R. Ogden and D. H. Matthews 61

A way to better venison, by G. J. Smith, E. B. Wilcox, and J. B. Low 62

Turkey in public eating places, by E. B. Wennergren 64

Many uses of snow survey data, by C. H. Milligan 66

Alternatives for soil bank lands in Utah, by N. K. Roberts and L. E. Harris 68

Farm resources for specific income levels, by C. E. Stewart 70

Influence of temperature on the water that plants can remove from the soil, by S. A. Taylor and P. Urriola-Munoz 72

Heritibility of disease resistance in turkeys, by J. D. Carson 74

The problem of salty irrigation water, by J.P. Thorne and R. G. Rickenbach 76

Quality in tomatoes, by D. K. Salunkhe and R. L. McLaughlin 79

Research reports 86