Table of contents

A mission for the future, by Wynne Thorne 3

Products of combustion, by O. S. Cannon 4

Toward a liberal education, by T. Y. Booth 6

Clyde Biddulph 7

Curly top infection in potatoes, by G. l. Stoker and O. S. Cannon 8

Seasonal abundance of alfalfa seed chalcids, by D. R. McAllister, B. A. Haws, W. A. Rowley, and G. D. Minion 10

Grazing steep mountain slopes, by D. l. Goodwin 12

Radiation preservation of fruits, by N. W. Pierson, E. B. Wilcox and D. K. Salunkhe 14

Wildlife: a community resource, by J. H. Berryman 16

Reclamation of poorly drained soils, by A. A. Bishop 18

Retailing Christmas trees, by F. W. Kearns and W. G. Poulsen 20

Coming competition of fresh and sterile concentrated milk, by R. A. Christensen and R. S. Magleby 22

Kennebec, a curly top susceptible potato, by O. S. Cannon and G. l. Stoker 29

Research reports 31