Table of contents

Alkaloids and medicines from plants, by F. R. Stermitz 3

Chemical weed control in small fruits, by J. L. Anderson 5

Spring grazing critical to desert ranges, by C. W. Cook and L. A. Stoddart 6

The forecast, fact or fiction? by L. M. Cox, E. A. Richardson, and G. L. Ashcroft 8

Library progress in Utah, by C. Fredrickson, with comments by J. A. Geddes 10

Blocking state owned grazing lands, by N. K. Roberts and E. B. Wennergren 13

Viral polyarthritis of lambs, by J. Storz, J. L. Shupe, R. A. Smart, L. F. James, and W. Binns 16

Retailing Christmas trees in 1963, by J. D. Hunt andW. G. Poulsen 18

Pelleted seed containing insecticides controls insects in sugar beets, by H. E. Dorst 20

Weed control in Utah conifer tree plantings, by W. G. Poulsen 22

Research reports 30