Table of contents

The fruits of agricultural research, by K. W. Hill 91

Population changes and rural -urban problems, by T. R. Black and' N. K. Roberts 92

Recreation research, by S. R. Tocher and J. D. Hunt 94

Optimum use of water in Utah, by B. D. Gardner and l. M. Cox 96

The perpetual quest for water, by J. D. Schultz 98

Range resources, by C. W. Cook and l. A. Stoddart 100

More efficient livestock production, by J. A. Bennett, R. C. lamb, and C. I. Draper 102

Newly evolving animal diseases, by J. Storz and J. l. Shupe 104

Better crops mean better living, by D. R. Walker, A. R. Hamson, W. G. Dewey, J. l. Anderson 106

Test tube to table, by D. K. Salunkhe and l. M. Cox 108

Environmental planning, by B. G. Wesenberg, L. H. Pollard, H. B. Peterson 110

Safe use of agricultural chemicals, by B. A. Haws and J. C. Street 112

Pollution - our self-made problem, by O. S. Cannon 114

Our stake in the land, by N. K. Roberts and E. B. Wennergren 116

Age of abundance, by G. T. Blanch 118

Research stations, Utah Agricultural Experiment Station 120