Table of contents

Farm and Home Science, twenty-five years, by Wynne Thorne 3

Utah and the production of scientists, by H. E. Zabel 4

Utah wood and California fireplaces, by Allen LeBaron and Walter H. Johnson 7

Staphylococcal synovitis of turkeys, by R. A. Smart and M. L. Miner 12

Extended grazing of crested wheatgrass by cattle, by Lorin E. Harris, Neil C. Frischknecht and Earl M. Sudweeks 14

Water in the soil IS different, by Sterling A. Taylor 18

Ram fertility, by Warren C. Foote and C. V. Hulet 20

Impact of artificial trees on the Utah Christmas tree market, by John D. Hunt and William D. Poulsen 22

In memoriam, Gladys Loynd Harrison 27

New research facilities, by Wayne Binns 28

Vice president for research appointed 28