Table of contents

Some insects are on "our side," by B. Austin Haws and Donald W. Davis 31

Salmonellosis: a constant threat to animals, by Ross A. Smart and Robert V. Davis 34

Up-grading irrigated pastures - The role of alfalfa, by Keith R. Allred 36

New research facilities at Bear lake, by William T. Helm 40

The value of alfalfa meal for growing-fattening hogs, by Hyrum Steffen, James A. Bennett and Gordon Ashcroft 42

Hormones, plants, and profits, by David R. Walker and Lois M. Cox 46

Leaching salt from the soil - Does it matter how it is done, by Kack Keller 50

Antibiotics for practical turkey production, by Donald C. Dobson 52

Performance of Gaines semi-dwarf wheat in Utah, by Wade G. Dewey 54