Table of contents

Controlling heat with hormones, by Warren C. Foote and Doyle J. Matthews 63

Chemistry of quality in fruits and fruit products, by D. K. Salunkhe, L. E. Olson and F. S. Nury 66

Hides go modern 70

Problems of labeling staphylococci, by Paul B. Carter and Dharmendra V. Arya 71

Light flashes upset insect life cycles 74

Clothing - a clue to behavior, by Norma H. Compton 75

Grasses can be productive - up-grading irrigated pastures, by Keith R. Allred 78

Pricing special uses of state lands - fair fee problems, by E. Boyd Wennergren and N. Keith Roberts 82

New vs. old seed for fall wheat planting, by Wade G. Dewey 84

What crops tolerate salt? 87

Contributions to research 87

Managing the milk supply, by Rondo A. Christensen 88

Now, a low-cal peanut 91

New publications 92