Table of contents

Greens for houses, by Bernard G. Wesenberg 3

Who pays the tax bill? by Rondo A. Christensen 6

Herbicide control of rabbitbrush and sagebrush in mixed stands, by C. Wayne Cook 9

Estimation of Utah's water yield - from physiographic data, by Jay M. Bagley 11

Community water de,velopment in Ashley Valley, by Richard E. Griffin and Ben W. Lindsay 18

Researching the chemistry of snake venom, by Anthony T. Tu and Paul M. Toom 24

Utah livestock auction prices, by Ellis W. Lamborn and McNeil Glenn 29

Training fruit trees is important, by David R. Walker, J. LaMar Anderson, and Anson B. Call, Jr 32

Utah Christmas tree sales - 1965, by John D. Hunt and Clyn S. Bishop 36

Peach varieties for Utah's Dixie, by J. LaMar Anderson, Anson B. Call, Jr., and Don Huber 39

Medics operate on unborn lambs 42

New tomato resistant to curly top 42

Corn starch used for insulation foams 43

Scientists develop miniature hogs for drug tests 43

USDA develops salinity gauge 44

Contributions to research 44