Table of contents

The Utah Center for Water Resources and Research, Howard B. Peterson 3

Fine fish catcher found 4

The people factor and water resources research, Wade H. Andrews 5

From sewage to clean water, John M. Neuhold, Frederick J. Post, and Norman B. Jones 7

Development of a low-cost hydrologic sensing telemetering system - at the Utah Water Research laboratory, Duane G. Chadwick 11

Oxygen controls cherry scold 13

The Great Salt lake - hub of Utah's water development, Jay M. Bagley, Gaylord V. Skogerboe, and Donna Higgins 14

The world of water - a never-ending cycle 21

Utah weather reporting - its origin and destiny, Brent W. Barfuss, E. Arlo Richardson, and Gaylen L. Ashcroft 22

McDaniel mites and the resistance problem in Utah, Donald W. Davis 26

Feed efficiency in dairy cattle, Robert C. lamb and Melvin J. Anderson 28

Harvesting water with catchments 30