Table of contents

Bioclimatology - a practical science, Gaylon Ashcroft, E. Arlo Richardson and Lois M. Cox 35

Search is on for new protein-rich seed crops 38

Increased capacity through better distribution on mountain ranges, C. Wayne Cook 39

Contributions to research 42

Alfalfa weevil now found in 41 states 42

Good pastures are possible - even high and dry, Rex F. Nielson 43

Some insects love to eat only weeds 46

Uranium mill wastes as stream pollutants, William F. Sigler 47

Soil scientist, department head dies 49

Influence of sire and ration on differences in gross feed efficiency in dairy cattle, R. C. lamb and M. J . Anderson 50

Dirty air - a peripatetic peril, Lois M. Cox 53

Assistant director retires 57

The unseen face of Utah agriculture - four stories on new methods and sound management 58

Sanpete co-op talks turkey 58

Eggs can be profitable 62

How to take care of a beef 65

Computers serve the dairymen 67

Utah's little known forest industries, Walter H. Johnson 70

Nematodes may aid fight against insects 75

Ultraviolet-treated apple juice has fresh-juice flavor 75

Dairy herd recordkeeping expanding 75