Table of contents

Rain traps of steel, C. W. Lauritzen 79

Biological clock influences bees 81

Range resources and big game management, George W. Scotter 82

Meeting the protein needs of dairy animals, M. J. Anderson, R. C. Lamb, and G. E. Stoddard 84

USDA scientists identify avian leukosis virus 87

The original go power - bioclimatology - the practical science, by E. Arlo Richardson, Lois M. Cox and Gaylen Ashcroft 88

The effect of water application on soil tilth, Jack Keller 93

Sex hormones and the growth of nursing calves on high mountain ranges in Utah, Joseph T. Blake and Jay W. Call 97

Precondition feeder calves for greater returns, Earl M. Sudweeks, Doyle J. Matthews, and Paul R. Grimshaw 100

Using automobile bodies as fish cover in Bear Lake, William F. Sigler, and Gar W. Workman 103

10 years of soil testing in Utah, J. P. Thorne 104

New publications 107