Table of contents

President Chase retires June 30 - Utah State University 31

Grazing vs. wheat production on marginal Utah cropland, John P. Workman and Jack Hooper 32

Help for the desert bighorn, Lanny Wilson, Larry Farnsworth, and Lois M. Cox 34

Pneumonia drugs fight some plant diseases 36

Assessing farm land according to its value for agricultural use, Rondo A. Christensen 37

The reluctant jumpers, J. Juan Spillet and Lois M. Cox 41

Llama reproduction - a South American problem, Warren C. Foote, Barry G. England, and Millard E. Wilde 43

Breeding bees to the crop, William P. Nye and Otto Mackensen 46

Man - Nature's recalcitrant anomaly - bioclimatology - a practical science, E. Arlo .Richardson, Lois M. Cox, and Gaylen L. Ashcroft 49

Fumigation prevents foulbrood recurrence in honey bees 54

What is the value of Utah's deer hunting resource? E. Boyd Wennergren 55

Dermestid beetles can carry salmonella 59