Table of contents

New USU President takes office - as of July 1 63 Food retail price differences, Roice H. Anderson 63

The green belt amendment and its probable impact on assessed values, taxes and mill levies in Salt Lake County, Rondo A. Christensen and Fred Degiorgio 64

New rules for an old game - bioclimatology - a practical science, Lois M. Cox, Gaylen L. Ashcroft, and E. Arlo Richardson 69

Growth rates for dairy herd replacements, Robert C. Lamb and Lamon L. Perkes 75

New publications 79

Research - the solid base of agriculture and industry, Director K. W. Hill 80

Hungry? Just plug it in 83

The art and science of relocating birds - ecology in action, Wayne H. Bohl and Lois M. Cox 84

Mining water in Iran, Allen LeBaron and Malek Mohtadi 88

Range resources and watershed management - a need for research, Gerald F. Gifford 90