Table of contents

Reducing water use by trees - chemical sprays? George E. Hart 55

Our versatile weeds, Lois M. Cox 58

Pesticides - the changing scene, Joseph C. Street 59

A water storage structure for school systems, A.R. Dedrick and C. W. Lauritzen 63

Deciphering a desert, Lois M. Cox 66

Wildlife notes 71

Four keys to pesticide safety 71

Electricity in fishery research and management, W. F. Sigler 72

Freeze-dried sauerkraut - now we have 79

The use of milk replacers for raising dairy calves, M. J. Anderson and R. C. Lamb 80

How to poison a duck - miss your mark 82

Wildlife notes 82

New compounds block insect growth pattern 83

Dehydrated celery now puffed 83