Table of contents

A new hybrid lupine for Utah gardners, O. Riethmann, J. L. Anderson and l. H. Pollard 87

Predators, pests and poisons, Lois M. Cox 90

Snow removal without a shovel, Wade G. Dewey and Rex F. Nielson 92

About shoveller ducks, J. B. Low 96

Hereditary multiple exostosis, James L. Shupe, A. E. Olson, R. A. Smart, R. P. Sharma and K. R. VanKampen 101

Wildlife notes 104

Utah's wildlife resources, W. F. Sigler 105

The unstable spice of life, Charlotte P. Brennand 109

Wildlife notes 111

Influence of strain, age and weight on meat yield of turkeys, Donald C. Dobson 112

What is a species worth? Lois M. Cox and Gar Workman 114