Table of contents

Wide hybridization: a radical approach to grass breeding, Douglas R. Dewey 3

Wildlife Notes 6, 20, 22

Alfalfa pastures compare favorably with grass-legume pastures and other field crops in Utah, Clair R. Acord 7

Two new barley varieties for Utah- Woodvale and Bonneville, Wade G. Dewey 11

Protein payments for milk producers-trend for the future? Allen LeBaron 13

Wet is not enough, Lois M. Cox 16

Bridger-a new hard red winter wheat, Wade G. Dewey 21

Surficial geology and land-use problems, J. Stewart Williams, Alvin R. Southard, and Paul Summers 23

Hints for profitable silage making, M. J. Anderson and J. J. Barnard 29