Table of contents

Ecology, environment, and natural resource scientists-an editorial, Thadis W. Box 3

Wildlife Notes 4, 34

There is a difference between saying and doing, H. K. Hancock 5

New dean of agriculture appointed 6

Answering questions about tourism-a growing economic development tool, John D. Hunt, Perry J. Brown and John H. Schomaker 7

Range productivity and economics, John P. Workman, John C. Malechek and Arthur D. Smith 10

Behavioral control of vertebrate pests, D. F. Balph and C. V. Grant 12

The plant ecology of Utah's desert rangelands, Martyn M. Caldwell and Neil E. West 14

Associate dean of agriculture appointed 15

How others see us, John D. Hunt and Lois M. Cox 16

Desert Biome Research Program: mapping an ecosystem, Frederic H. Wagner 17

The chemistry and geology of Blacksmith Fork-the chemical profile of a stream, G. E. Hart, A. R. Southard, and J. S. Williams 19

A legend in danger-prairie dogs, G. Donald Collier and J. Juan Spillett 22

Regional climatic planning-guide for Utah, E. Arlo Richardson 26

Subatmospheric pressure storage of fruits and vegetables, M. T. Wu and D. K. Salunkhe 29

Soil classification and mapping in Utah- from 1899 to 1972, LeMoyne Wilson and Alvin R. Southard 32

Utah Science index for Volume 32, 1971 35