Table of contents

Ingenuity + time = $ saved + efficient research 39

A research tool for plant scientists - the electron microscope, W. F Campbell and S. L. Kimball 40

Weed control in cities and towns, Louis A. Jensen 44

Utah's most notorious poisonous weed-controlling ,tall larkspur, E. H. Cronin 47

Native plants for gardens, Berniece A. Andersen and Arthur H. Holmgren 50

To commute - or not to commute: a new choice for farm families, B. Delworth Gardner and Larry K. Bond 53

Logan lagoons good for ducks, David E. Dodge and Jessop B. low 55

Cubed hay gives better gains, John E. Butcher and Norris J. Stenquist 57

Constraints to expanding the Utah tourist industry, John D. Hunt 58

What is rural development? Jay C. Andersen 60

Regional climatic planning - guide for Utah, E. Arlo Richardson 62

Land type surveys on the Dixie National Forest, Ronald K. Tew 65

Ag Notes 67

Wildlife Notes 68