Table of contents

Refocusing research to better serve Utah- editorial, Wynne Thorne 99

Translating agriculture into food 100

New shapes for turkey, Carroll Draper 101

Alfalfa insects research gets new dimensions 103

Modern treatments retard spoilage of fruit and produce, D. K. Salunkhe, M. T. Wu, and S. Jadhav 104

Natural hybridization among the pinyon pines, Ronald M. Lanner 109

Blood will tell, Clive W. Arave and T. A. Gillette 111

Genetic improvement of dairy cattle, R. C. lamb 113

Rural development: its dimensions and focus, Stan L. Albrecht 115

Research notes about stress 120

Pigs help answer questions about human nutrition, Deloy G. Hendricks and Arthur W. Mahoney 121

Springs frosts and fruit trees- a perennial dilemma, David R. Walker and Schuyler D. Seeley 123

Some sweet cherries resistant to western x-disease, Bryce N. Wadley 125

land-use zoning a necessity? Yesl Panacea? No!, B. Delworth Gardner 127

Ag notes 129, 131

Penstemons for Utah gardens, Leonard H. Pollard and Alvin R. Hamson 130