Table of contents

Problems with range grosses? Look for block gross bugs! B. Austin Haws, Don D. Dwyer, and Max G. Anderson 3

Wildlife notes 9, 21, 26

Infectious calf diarrhea, R. A. Smart 10

Utah's snowshoe hare - a neglected resource, William R. Clark and Michael l. Wolfe 12

Australian breakthrough for animal nutrition research 15

Research Briefs - Agribusiness news notes, Rondo A. Christensen 16

Silage for fattening cattle, John Butcher and Howard Lloyd 17

Pheasant and duck - nest motes, Lorry B. Dolton and Scott M. Stenquist 18

Livestock poisoning - by plants, Wayne Binns and Eugene H. Cronin 20

Mountains and associated "backvalleys" of Utah - soils of the Wasatch A. R. Southard and LeMoyne Wilson 22

Sheep can control sagebrush on seeded range if .. . , Neil C. Frischknecht and Lorin E. Harris 27

Utah Science Index for Vol. 33, 1972 31