Table of contents

Deawn - a new spring barley - for Utah farmers, R. S. Albrechtsen and W. G. Dewey 67

Pulling panty hose over Mother Goose's eyes 69

Some hows and whys of cereal breeding in Utah, W G. Dewey and R. S. Albrechtsen 70

Wildlife notes 73, 98

Stem nematode-induced injury to alfalfa plants, the inside story, W. F. Campbell and G. D. Griffin 74

The provision of health related services in rural and urban areas, Stan L. Albrecht and Michael K. Miller 78

The Utah prairie dog - decline of a legend, G. Donald Collier and J. Juan Spillett 83

A developing aid to farm management - soil testing, Reuel E. Lamborn 87

What about phosphorus on dryland winter wheat in Utah? Rex F. Nielson and Reuel Lamborn 89

The pros and cons of fertigation, D. W. James 93

Microbial activity in acid soils, Robert C. Rychert and J. Skujins 96