Table of contents

Forages for Livestock Production R. Dean Plowman 3

Square Pegs in Round Holes? Cattle on Traditional Sheep Range John C. Malechek and Arthur D. Smith 5

Utah's Rangeland Development Program - Research and Theory to Application Frank E. (Fee) Busby 8

Beef from Rangelands - A glance at the future John P. Workman 11

New Grasses for Western Rangeland K. H. Asay 15

Forage Fattened Cattle - A new look at an old practice Clair R. Acord 19

To Convert Forage to Milk, You Need Cow and Land Efficiency M. J. Anderson, G.E. Stoddard, and R.C. Lamb 21

High Quality Hay for Dairy Cattle M.J. Anderson 23

First - Get the Seeds P.F. Torchio and F.D. Parker 26

Alfalfa Insects Donald W. Davis 30

Alfalfa Nematodes W.F. Campbell and G.D. Griffin 33

Crime in the Onion Patch W.F. Campbell and W.P. Nye 40

Index, Volume 35 36