Table of contents

Subdivisions out in the country can be expensive James L. Thompson, Paul A. Randle, and C.M. McKell 83

Coyotes and Deer Darwin B. Nielsen 87

Stem Nematodes - their effects on plants grown with alfalfa G. D. Griffin 90

Prescribed Burning - Effective Control of Sagebrush and Open Juniper Michael Ralphs, David Schen, and Fee Busby 94

Know Your Sagebrush - And Better Your Rang W T. McDonough and R. O. Harniss 99

The Colorado River and Agriculture/Energy Equations John Keith, Jay Anderson, and B. Delworth Gardner 104

Zinc Deficiency in Utah Field Corn - Its Diagnosis and Treatment D. W James and P. D. Christensen 106

Do Tillage practices Affect Wheat Yields? Rex F. Nielson and G. A. Van Epps 110

Fourwing Saltbush for Land Rehabilitation in Iran and Utah - The Key to Success is During Transplanting M. R. Moghaddam and C. M. McKell 114

Science Short 103