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Is It Meat? D. G. Hendricks, A. W. Mahoney, and V. T. Mendenhall The red meat industry would like to include mechanically deboned meat in many of their products. Consumer groups, originally hostile to the change, might want to take another look. 67

Asking Questions of Desert Shrubs Lois M. Cox Two major photosynthetic pathways (C:l and C4) have been ob• jects of a 6•year study at USU. Along with the surprises came an unexpected bonus: a new tool to measure grazing response. 71

Shrubs Plus Grass for Livestock Forage: A Possibility Gordon A. Van Epps and C. M. (Cy) McKell Interplanting palatable shrubs with crested wheatgrass could improve livestock forage and provide a viable alternative to grass alone or wheat on marginal dry-farm lands. The question is-how to do it. 75

Repopulating Bryce Canyon Steve EI more and Gar Workman Utah prairie dogs have vanished from the Bryce Canyon area-a favorite residence at one time. Park Service personnel want them reestablished, but USU Wildlife personnel are finding the job tough going. 79

High/Low Predation-Some Why Factors Darwin B. Nielsen Predation of sheep herds is a perennial problem. Ranchers rated the effectiveness of eight factors influencing high- and low-loss operation for a USDA-funded study 82

Science Short David F. Balph and Martha H. Balph Does group living among animals hold lessons for human society? 86

Projects in Progress Lois M. Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results. 89

Drought Update for the Week Ending August 5, 1977 E. Arlo Richardson 93