Table of contents

The Self-Rejuvenation of Gunnison Valley, Utah Craig L. Mangus, Paul R. Grimshaw and Leon C. Michaelsen The Gunnison Valley, dying economically, was revitalized by the creation of a new dairy industry. 47

That "Ultimate" Bull K. W. Hill The Utah Agricultural Experiment Station has through years of selective breeding, created a superior Holstein 50

Property Tax Equity Problems in Utah: Part I W. Cris Lewis A penetrating and analytical look at the inequities of our property tax system 52

Soil Moisture: The Life Blood of Aldicarb and Its Control of the Sugarbeet Cyst Nematode G. D. Griffin Effects of soil moisture and nematode population density on Aldicarb control relative to sugarbeet yields are discussed in depth. 59

Land Prices and Zoning on the Urban Fringe Suzanne Dean and C. M. McKell Environmental and inflationary changes and their causes as they relate to the sellers, buyers, and zoners 62

Culture in the Country: A Grassroots Approach Glen R. Wilde and Richard C. Haycock The Utah Rural Arts Consortium grew from a simple idea that cultural resources of our universities could be shared with rural communities. 73

Projects in Progress Lois M. Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results. 79