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1 EFFECTS OF INFLATION AND RECESSION ON THE FARMER-AN EDITORIAL Paul R. Grimshaw Inflation and recession can have drastic effects upon the economic situation of farmers. The Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture talks about what those effects might be and how farmers can best prepare for recession or continuing inflation .

2 WEED CONTROL IN WOODY ORNAMENTALS William A. Varga Weed control consists of more than simply applying an herbicide or mechanical or manual weeding. The type of weed. as well as the extent of weed invasion , must be considered . This article serves as a guide for choosing herbicides for weed control in woody ornamentals and how and when they should be applied.

4 NITROGEN-A KEY TO PIANT GROWTH R. J . Wagenet and Raymond W. Miller Nitrogen is an element which is involved in many reactions and exists in many forms throughout its complex cycle. Nitrogen , essential to plant growth. is therefore difficult to properly manage. Various considerations involved in its management and in enhancing its availability to plants are discussed in this article.

8 RESIDUAL SOIL NITROGEN AND FERTILIZER MANAGEMENT David W. James Different soils have varying levels of nitrogen . Knowing the level of residual nitrogen can help the farmer avoid applying too much nitrogen fertilizer to his soil. Soil testing to measure the level of nitrogen can thus become a money saver.

10 PROTEIN NEEDS OF EQUINE ATHLETES Larry M. Slade A high-protein diet can be counterproductive and even harmful when training competitive trail horses. The author discusses the metabolic mechanisms and suggests alternative diets relative to the degree of energy output.

14 ALFALFA WEEVIL LARVAE AND THEIR VIRUS Nabil N. Youssef with Lois M. Cox Destruction of alfalfa by the alfalfa weevil larvae is extensive throughout the world. A recently discovered virus of the alfalfa weevil larvae may be a natural control mechanism which could decrease those losses. This scientist is searching for the best way in which to exploit this virus and develop an alternative to present methods of control.

18 POWELL-A NEW SPRING WHEAT Rulon S. Albrechtsen After 12 years of research and development, seed of a new, red spring wheat variety is available to Utah growers. This article describes the process involved in the development of this new wheat variety as well as stating some of its superior characteristics.

21 HOW BLACK GRASS BUGS OPERATE Pam S . Brewer, William F. Campbell, and 8-. Austin Haws Ranchers estimate that the black grass bug destroys thousands of acres of range grasses which creates a 60% loss of forage and livestock weight-gain and an estimated $5.1 million annual loss. Ongoing research at Utah State University is looking for an economically feasible pest management program to reverse this process.

24 PUMP TESTING: MORE GALLONS PER DOLLAR Richard E. Griffin and R. Kern Stutler The efficiency of a farmer's irrigation pumping system can determine cost in both energy and dollars. Members of USU's Agricultural and irrigation Engineering Department have been conducting a pump testing program to help farmers throughout the state determine their pump efficiencies and changes needed to increase those efficiencies and decrease costs.

26 PROJECTS IN PROGRESS Lois M. Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results.

29 INDEX FOR VOLUME 39, 1978