Table of contents

31 ANALYZING INVESTMENT ALTERNATIVES Larry K. Bond With inflation and promises for more difficult times ahead, wise investments are of great value to a farmer's future . An extension agent offers a practical approach to buying a granary.

32 FUTURF: A NEW TURF GRASS FOR UTAH'S DIXIE William F. Campbell The climatic extremes of Utah's Dixie present an Inhospitable environment for average turfgrasses. This scientist believes he has found a grass which will flourish there.

34 THE INTERMOUNTAIN HERBARIUM Mary E. Barkworth and Leila M. Shultz The accurate Identification of a plant species can often offer vital information directly influencing our lives. The article about uSU's treasury of pressed plants reveals an overview of what Is there and how It works to serve our public and our scientists.

38 CURLLEAF MOUNTAIN MAHOGANY Dennis D. Austin and Philip J. Urness Pruning management of this tall shrub has the potential for improving mountain forage for wildlife.

40 A VERY UNUSUAL VETCH M. D. Rumbaugh This vetch , Vida Sativa ssp. amphicarpa , Is unique as it flowers above and below the ground.

42 SUGARBEETS: NOT AS TOUGH AS THEY LOOK Roger Wyse Hand versus machine harvesting Is discussed with regard to injury and its acceleration of the respiration rate and subsequent decay of stored sugarbeets.

44 THE WILD HORSE LAWS E. Bruce Godfrey Costs and economics are correlated with an analysis of the basic problems inherent in the management of these federal laws.

51 MUNICIPAL WATER USE Roger D. Hansen, Herbert H. Fullerton , and Trevor C. Hughes The pattern and volume of water use In several Utah cities are recorded and analyzed .

54 TRACTOR UPDATE Abo1,.lt Von H. Jarrett Fuel economy is Imperative today. Here Is a man who makes house calls in order to diagnose engine malfunctions to Improve the efficiency of your tractor.

56 PROJECTS IN PROGRESS Lois M. Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results.