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91 EXERCISE FOR DAIRY COWS Robert C. Lamb and Melvin J. Anderson The benefits in regularly exercising confined cows can be financial as well as physical.

94 TH E USU LACTIC CULTURE SYSTEM Gary H. Richardson, Gene L. Hong, and C. Anthon Ernstrom A new bacterium and procedure, both easily acquired, are revolutionizing the cheese industry.

100 TRADESCANTIA; A "SUPER-SNOOPER" OF RADIOACTIVITY FROM URANIUM MILL WASTES William F. Campbell and Eric A. Rechel A radioactively sensitive plant would have to adjust to increasing degrees of mutation and sterility if grown on uranium mill sites.

104 UTAH TURKEYS-A TEAM PRODUCTION Donald C. Dobson Growing the tastiest turkeys in the world has been the result of industry and university cooperation in Ephraim, Utah.

108 FERTILIZER NUTRIENT LEVELS IN THE SEVIER RIVER Paul D. Christensen, Reuel E. Lamborn, and Rex F. Nielson Stream pollution levels, once thought to be increased by farming-related chemicals, are found to be greatest in forested and industrial areas.

112 CLEARCUTTING INCREASES SOIL MOISTURE IN ENGELMANN SPRUCE FORESTS George E. Hart and David A. Lomas Selective logging can contribute to downhill stream flow.

116 PROJECTS IN PROGRESS Lois M. Cox This feature heralds things to come. Its brief samplings of ongoing research describe the hows and whys of anticipated results.

119 INDEX FOR VOLUME 40,1979