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63 FODDER BEET -Potential Alcohol Fuel Crop J. C. Theurer, D. L. Doney, and J. Gallian The kind of beet you grow can substantially affect how much alcohol you harvest from an acre. Efficient production demands an informed choice among beet varieties.

68 SOIL SALINITY AND IRRIGATION L. S. Willardson, R. J. Hanks, and R. J. Wagenet Salt in a soil can cause crop yields to drop drastically. Careful management of irrigation waters, however, can eliminate or minimize such effects.

72 WESTERN X DISEASE: New Treatment and New Resistant Cherries S. V. Thomson Cherry growers have long been plagued by a crop disease called western x. USU researchers now offer a technique that will sustain the production of mature trees and have developed two new resistant varieties, Utah Giant and Sweet Ann.

76 ALFALFA SEED PRODUCTION: The Pests and Their Control M. S. Okuda Production of •alfalfa seed is big business. USU 's pest management program has improved yields for participating Utah growers.

80 WALNUT SPANWORM: A New Defoliator of Utah's Bitterbrush G. A. Van Epps and M. M. Furniss Bitterbrush provides preferred, nutritious forage for many grazing animals. Unfortunately, it also appeals to a voracious insect. Means of effective control are being investigated.

86 FUTURE ELECTRIC POWER FROM WESTERN UTAH: Some Economic, Environmental, and Technological Issues T. F. Glover, G. L. Wooldridge, and J. E. Keith Decisions about where coal-fired electric power should be produced involve enormous numbers of factors. Evaluations of possible sites in Utah's western desert have relied heavily on computerized modeling techniques.

92 LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Long-term Residence Expectations of Utah's 1975 and 1980 Graduates M. B. Toney and W. F. Stinner Do Utah's high school seniors plan to leave their home counties, or even the state, after graduation? Sociologists are looking for correlations between stated expectations and ultimate realities.