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121 THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE J. McCullough Ever stop to think how you spend your daily allotment of 24 hours? Researchers asked 210 two-parent, two-child families in Utah for precise answers to that question. Their data may surprise you.

128 SURGE FLOW UPDATE A. A. Bishop and W. R. Walker The Surge Flow method of furrow irrigation is superior to continuous flow by all measures. Tests prove that it produces more uniform depth and advance over a shorter time with less water.

130 THE BIOLOGY AND CONTROL OF PARASITIC NEMATODES ON ALFALFA G. D. Griffin Fields of Utah's primary crop-alfalfa-are often devastated by diseases or parasites. Several species of nematodes are among the attackers, but they can be held in check by proper control methods.

136 FOG, RIME, AND HOARFROST IN CACHE VALLEY, WINTER 1980-81 L. F. Hall Dense, freezing fog can produce more than problems. Its delicately beautiful transformations were widespread in Cache Valley in 1980-81 .

142 USU'S EMBRYO TRANSFER PROGRAM J. G. Berry A genetically superior cow can now produce many offspring in a single year. Embryo transfer techniques and recipient cows that "mother" her calves are the secret.

148 ENERGY CONSERVATION IN UTAH HOMES L. B. Chatelain and H. C. Petersen Price rates for gas and electricity are rising throughout the U.S. In Utah, some homeowners have altered their lifestyles to conserve energy, but many conservation measures have been neglected.

148 "LIFELINE" ELECTRICITY RATES IN UTAH: GAINERS AND LOSERS L. B. Chatelain and H. C. Petersen The traditional way of pricing electricity was devised to encourage consumption. A new plan suggests that users should pay higher rather than lower rates for using electricity In excess of certain levels. The possibility of such a plan aiding low-income families Is discussed.

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