Table of contents

1 GRAZING FEES FOR PUBLIC LANDS: WHAT'S FAIR? D. B. Nielsen Formulas and fees help set the price of beef. They also are factors in rancher survival rates. Learn how the process works in this article.

7 BUR BUTTERCUP: A WEEDY IMMIGRANT M. E. Barkworth Whys and hows of plant transfers between regions and countries are solved by special detective work. A USU scientist wants to help in keeping track of Bur Buttercup migrations.

10 BUR BUTTERCUP: IT WILL GET YOUR SHEEP IF YOU DON'T WATCH OUT J. D. Olsen, T. E. Anderson, and G. Madsen Although not a true buttercup, this tiny plant can be just as toxic. Careful management seems to be an effective preventive.

14 PLANTS, GRAVITY, AND MECHANICAL STRESSES F. B. Salisbury, R. M. Wheeler, J. E. Sliwinski, and W. J. Mueller Precisely what goes on between plants and gravitational forces may never be known for certain. Experiments by USU researchers have provided some insights, however, into plant responses to gravity and various stresses.

22 REPELLING GREEN INVADERS: NOXIOUS WEEDS IN UTAH R. L. Chase You must know where your enemies are lurking before you can do battle. Effective weed control is most easily achieved when infestations first occur. This article identifies weeds that have not yet become widespread in Utah.

26 USU'S PLANT PHOTO LIBRARY R. J. Shaw and M. E. Barkworth Leading a discussion of certain kinds of plants or a particular ecological habitat in the Intermountain area, but your slide collection is inadequate? The USU plant photo library will let you borrow what you need to communicate fully with your audience, or to extend your own knowledge.

30 RAIN•ON•THE•HAY MISERIES P. V. Fonnesbeck, M. M. Garcia, J. M. KayKay, and M. Y. Saiady Rain certainly does damage hay, and the information in this article can't help you avoid such damage. It can, however, help you evaluate the effects on yield and quality.