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87 LUNG DISEASE MORTALITY IN UTAH MINERS (1959-1978) S. H. Kan and J. E. Brockert Miners have long suffered from diseases associated with their occupation. Data are examined relative to disease occurrence and resultant death rates.

90 IMPROVING BLACKBRUSH RANGES R. D. Provenza, J. E. Bowns, J. C. Malechek, P. J. Urness, and J. E. Butcher Blackbrush may be small in size, but it has king-size, tough spines. Using goats and controlled grazing, researchers are finding ways to optimize livestock use of this shrub. The results of four years research are reported here.

96 IMPACT OF TRADE LIBERALIZATION ON UTAH AGRICUL TURE B. Biswas and G. Tribedy Does foreign trade in agricultural goods affect the Utah Economy? According to these authors, the connection is measurable and more important than many of us think.

100 THE UTAH SOLAR NETWORK Measuring Our Solar Blessings L. F. Hall, L. E. Hipps, and G. Venugopal Making efficient use of solar energy depends upon our having extensive. long-term, reasonably site-specific data. Thanks to a network of volunteer- operated stations, Utah is on its way toward having such a base.

109 EFFICIENT WATER MANAGEMENT Integration is the Key A thirsty plant is not at its most productive. Researchers are readying recommendations for giving crop, turf. and garden plants precisely the amount of water they need, when they need it.

110 INCREASING GRAZING EFFICIENCY ON CRESTED WHEATGRASS B. E. Norton, P. S. Johnson, and M. K. Owens The value of crested wheatgrass is undenied. but sometimes good can be made better. Management strategies have been tested and recommendations are made for getting more feed value from crested wheatgrass ranges.