Table of contents

1 CANNED RAINBOW TROUT D. T. Bartholomew, C. A. Ernstrom, and V. T. Mendenhall Canned trout is nudging canned tuna on grocery shelves thanks to a cooperative venture at USU. Trout meat that used to be lost to human consumption has been made available.

4 GRAPES TO MAKE YOUR OWN RAISINS J. L. Anderson, M. G. Weeks, W. A. Varga, G. Scott, and C. P. Brennand All grapes are not equal when it comes to converting them into raisins. Utah's climate makes local testing of varieties especially crucial. There are, however, varieties and raisin,-making techniques that can be recommended for the home gardener.

9 APPLE GROWING-A BLEND OF ART AND SCIENCE D. R. Walker Science has given the apple grower several production tools, none more valuable than the ability to dwarf the trees. Research is now defining the best spacing and rootstocks for optimizing early and prolonged productivity.

12 VEGETABLE VARIETIES FOR UTAH A. R. Hamson and W. A. Varga Seed Catalogues just aren't enough if you want your garden to thrive. You need the recommendations that are coming from a varietal testing program at Farmington, Utah.

17 A VEGETABLE GARDENER'S GUIDE TO IRRIGATION R. W. Hill, I. Agulto, M. D. Miah, and A. A. Ramalan A scientific evaluation of varied irrigation frequencies determines the most efficient watering procedures for improved crop production.

20 COMPUTING NUTRITION G. C. Lauritzen and B. W. Wyse A new diet aid is available through your County Extension Office. A computerized analysis of your daily diet identifies insufficient required nutrients as well as selects foods to insure a healthy weight loss in a prescribed time period.