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23 WEATHER AND RANGE MANAGEMENT E. A. Richardson, T. F. Glover and A. 8. Haws Weather events can be crucial to rangeland management. New computer models are being used to make both the events and their consequences more predictable .

28 MOUNTAIN THERMOPSIS: Toxicity in Cattle R. L. Chase and R. F. Keeler Hazards due to Thermopsis vary with its stage of growth and the hunger level of a potential victim. Proper management requires attention to controlling the plant and the animals who may graze it.

32 SHORT-DURATION GRAZING DOUBLES YOUR LIVESTOCK? J. C. Malechek and D. D. Dwyer It sounds impossible, but there are those who say it works well; Utah ranchers will soon be able to judge for themselves if short-duration grazing is the answer to their economic woes.

38 CATILE GRAZING WITH SHEEP-A PLUS FOR RANGELANDS AND PRODUCTION J. E. 80wns and D. H. Matthews Running sheep and cattle on the same range can be good management. Meat production can increase while range condition holds stable or improves.

44 TESTING NEW GRASSES FOR RANGELAND F. 8. Gomm and H. W. Horton If ranges can be made to produce more and higher quality forages, they will also feed more animals per acre. A first step toward that goal is the test and sometimes cross breed existing grass species.

50 ALL TREES ARE NOT EQUAL G. F. Gifford, W. Humphries, R. A. Jaynes Left to their own inclinations, aspen forests tend to be replaced by conifers. Researchers are determining if that shift adversely affects water yields from the acreages involved.