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63 ELDERLY MIGRATION PATTERNS IN UTAH W. F. Stinner and H. Y. Nam Elderly Utah residents in 1980 less likely to have migrated and to have originated outside the west, especially long-distance migrants, are more likely to be younger and women than elderly non-migrants.

66 PRECIPITATION VS. WHEAT YIELDS R. F. Nielson and R. L. Cartee Weather affects wheat yields since moisture plays an important factor in limiting dryland wheat production in Utah.

68 THE ART OF HOME CANNING V. T. Mendenhall Home preservation of foods through the techniques of canning, dehydration, fermenting, freezing, or curing continues to be an important part of the Utah culture, but beware, if you don't know what you're doing!

73 INTERSEEDING CRESTED WHEATGRASS RANGES F. D. Provenza and J. H. Richards In studies being conducted by the Range Science Department at USU, a grass-shrub-forb mix has the potential to increase the productivity and nutritive value of crested wheatgrass ranges for livestock.

78 SEED CERTIFICATION IN UTAH S. A. Young An in-depth look at the program of high quality seeds of the most popular varieties are available to Utah farmers in Utah thanks to the Seed Certification Program.

87 REDUCING GREENHOUSE ENERGY REQUIREMENTS M. D. Butler, D. C. Aston, D. R. Walker, and J. C. Batty Researchers offer suggestions with many ways to reduce heat loss in greenhouses. The hillside and louvered greenhouses, or heating with insulated blankets or warm brine, and the chimney cooling effect for summer are discussed.

89 EFFECTS OF EXCESSIVE FLOURIDE G. W. Miller, J. C. Pushnik, J. Giannini and J. Manwaring Fluoride naturally occurs in water, soil, and air, and is therefore present in mammals and vegetation. The natural fluoride chain is beneficial unless significantly increased through industrial sources. High levels in the air accumulate in water and/or plant tissues and are ingested by animals and humans, eventually resulting in dental and skeletal damage.