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39 IRRIGATION'S DEVELOPMENT AND PATTERNS OF LIFE IN UTAH C. S. Peterson Early water development exerted a major influence on life in Utah.

44 GROUND COVERS W. A. Varga Versatile and attractive ground covers can solve several landscape problems.

48 BIG GAME ON PRIVATE LANDS: WHO BENEFITS (OR LOSES)? D. B. Nielsen, D. D. Lytle, and F. Wagstaff Landowners derive some economic benefits from big game, but it appears that the costs of damage due to deer and elk exceed income from leasing of hunting rights.

52 FACTORS AFFECTING THE QUALITY OF ALFALFA HAY D. W. James, P. V. Fonnesbeck, R. C. Lamb, and D. H. Clark Top-notch management from planting through harvest is required for maximum yields of high-quality alfalfa.

54 SURGE FLOW: S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G IRRIGATION WATER New irrigation technology developed at Utah State University can substantially improve irrigation efficiency.

58 AN ECONOMIC OVERVIEW OF UTAH AGRICULTURE D.B.SnyderandJ.C.Andersen In spite of recent economic problems, agriculture plays an important role in the state's economy.

64 UTAH'S FOOD BALANCE D. B. Snyder Utah's gross farm income could more than double if most of the food consumed in the state was produced in the state.