Table of contents

70 CHROMOSOMES AND INFERTILITY IN DAIRY CATTLE T. D. Bunch, A. Maciulis and S. L. Henderson The analysis of chromosomes is providing valuable information about genetic abnormalities in cattle.

78 THE APPLICATION OF BEHAVIORAL CONCEPTS TO LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT D. F. Balph and M. H. Balph Several principles useful in the study of human behavior may also explain livestock behavior.

86 GENETIC PROBLEMS IN MINK CULTURE L. C. Ellis and N. C. Pace Mink are an ideal animal to study genetic problems in other animals and humans.

94 UNDERSTANDING THE APPLE MAGGOT D. W. Davis and V. P. Jones Findings are helping growers effectively control this pest

98 GRAIN, FEED ADDITIVES AND PARASITE CONTROL IN BEEF CA TILE GROWING-FINISHING DIETS N. J. Stenquist Research pinpoints ways to increase profits.

1OO CHEMOTHERAPY OF VETERINARY VIRAL DISEASES R. W. Sidwell Antiviral drugs show promise in the treatment of viral diseases of livestock.