Table of contents

110 REAL-TIME ULTRASOUND: A NEW WAY TO STUDY THE EFFECTS OF POISONOUS PLANTS T. D. Bunch, K. E. Panter and L. F. James Ultrasound is used to monitor normal fetal growth and learn how poisonous plants affect fetal development

114 IMPROVING SYMBIOTIC NITROGEN FIXATION K. A. Lawson, D. A. Johnson and M. D. Rumbaugh Plant and bacterial combinations from Pakistan and Spain may improve the nitrogen-fixing capacity of alfalfa on western rangelands.

120 INSULIN-DEPENDENT DIABETES MELLITUS: A STUDY OF NUTRIENT INTAKE B. M. Prater The food intake of persons with insulin-dependent diabetes appears to meet the RDAs for nutrients.

124 CONTROLLING SNOWMOLD IN DRYLAND WHEAT R. L. Cartee, R. F. Nielson and T. A. Tindall A review of the effectiveness of darkening agents.

133 THE UTAH STATE UNNERSITY SOIL, PLANT AND WATER ANALYSIS LABORATORY K. F. Topper and D. W. James A review of the services offered by the laboratory.

137 GOVERNMENT FARM PROGRAMS AND CONSERVATION TILLAGE: STRATEGIES FOR DRYLAND WHEAT FARMS D. Bailey, T. F. Glover and G. L. Helms New government farm programs appear to offer fewer incentives to invest in conservation tillage methods.