Table of contents

2 THE BLUE ORCHARD BEE: AN ALTERNATIVE POLLINATOR OF APPLES P. Torchio The blue orchard bee could be the answer to a threatened honeybee shortage.

10 BEATING THE ODDS-IDENTICAL TWINS FOR CA TILE RESEARCH C. W. Arave, T. D. Bunch, C. H. Mickelsen and D. Purcell Methods of splitting embryos to obtain more identical twin calves will facilitate research and may eventually lead to techniques to clone embryos on a commercial scale.

17 IRON DEFICIENCY IN PLANTS: GENOTYPIC MODIFICATION OF SOIL FERTILITY J. H. Bennett, N. J. Chatterton, P. A. Harrison and W. R. Thornely A review of recent research concerning the factors that affect a plant's susceptibility to chlorosis.

23 HELPING RUMINANTS GET MORE FROM LOW-QUALITY FORAGE R. D. Wiedmeier Feeding trials identified the characteristics of protein supplements that enabled cattle to make the best use of rations containing large amounts of low-quality forage.