Table of contents

30 ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION AND ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT J. C. Andersen, H. H. Fullerton, E. B. Godfrey, W. C. Lewis and D. L. Snyder An examination of the costs and benefits of environmental regulation.

38 CLOTHING TO REDUCE EXPOSURE TO PESTICIDES V. B. Keeble New types of protective clothing developed and tested at USU significantly reduced exposure to pesticides.

44 A SURVEY OF THE FINANCIAL CONDITION OF UTAH DAIRY FARMS IN 1985 D. Bailey. G. O. Jenson and N. Ackerman Some dairy farmers are in good financial condition, others aren't This article examines the reasons underlying this dichotomy.

49 MANAGING WATER TO MINIMIZE DRAINAGE L. S. Willardson Careful water management lets plants control the level of the water table, and thus salinity, on once swampy ground.

54 PRODUCING BEEF TO MEET CONSUMER NEEDS J. A. Bennett How much marbling is needed for tasty, tender beef? Not as much as some U.S.D.A. quality grades require, according to the results of a recent study.