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58 COLOR DEFECTS OF FRESH AND COOKED MEAT D. Cornforth Fresh meat is supposed to be bright cherry red, and cooked meat isn't A food scientist explains how the opposite. occurs occasionally.

66 MINIMIZING BROWSING DAMAGE BY DEER: LANDSCAPE PLANNING FOR WILDUFE D. D. Austin and A. B. Hash A little bit of planning can make life a lot easier for deer as well as homeowners ..

71 THE U.S. LIVING COLLECTION OF PERENNIAL TRITICEAE GRASSES D. R. Dewey The Triticeae grasses have several attributes of immeasurable value if incorporated in other species. The IS-acre collection near Logan is helping researchers around the world realize that potential.

77 A SYNOPSIS OF THE FINANCIAL STATUS OF UTAH AGRICULTURE E. B. Godfrey and J. c. Andersen Two USU economists say off-farm income is helping many farmers in Utah weather the current financial crisis.

83 SOMOCLONAL VARIATION-A NEW SOURCE OF WHEAT GERMPLASM Z. N. Hashim, S. U. Ahmed, W. F. Campbell and J. B. Carman Variability that occurs in plant tissue culture could be an important source of desirable traits for plant breeders.

89 EFFECTIVENESS OF YEAST AND FUNGAL CULTURES IN RUMINANT RATIONS M. J. Arambel Yeast and fungal cultures can increase fiber digestibility. but the mode of action of these cultures is still not clearly understood.