Table of contents

94 FORESTS-OUR MOST IMPORTANT NATURAL RESOURCE R. F. Fisher In Utah? You bet This article explains why.

98 USING COMPUTER GRAPHICS TO ASSESS THE VISUAL IMPACT OF LIMB RUST IN PONDEROSA PINE F. A. Baker and D. Rabin Dead and dying trees benefit wildlife and can even enhance the scenery. New techniques will help manage forests to reflect these values.

103 SAVINGS POSSIBLE WITH CONSOLIDATION OF DAIRY PLANTS R. A. Christensen The economics of scale with larger. more centrally located dairy plants will reduce costs, even when energy costs increase by 100 percent

109 SILVICULTURE: SHAPING FUTURE FORESTS J. N. Long A review of recent forestry research supported by the Experiment Station. including studies to improve elk habitat and timber quality.

115 THE EFFECTS OF TRADE LIBERALIZATION ON THE DAIRY AND BEEF INDUSTRIES IN UTAH B. Biswas, T. Bowles and A. Bhattacharyya Trade liberalization would require adjustments in the dairy industry but promises to increase income and employment in the state.

121 CONTROLLING EROSION ON WESTERN PHOSPHATE MINE EMBANKMENTS G. Hart and C. Whitson Diverting and slowing surface runoff can control erosion on embankments created by the surface mining of phosphate ore.

124 PREDICTING PRIME SITES FOR PONDEROSA PINE IN THE DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST D. L. Verbyla and R. F. Fisher A simple model can identify those rare prime sites that can be intensively managed to produce ponderosa pine timber.