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134 FARM WORK AND FAMILY: MAJOR SOURCES OF SATISFACTIO FOR FARM FAMILIES N. Ackerman, G. Jen on and D. Bailey Result of a survey indicate that husband may have a more difficult time adapting to change than wives.

143 MIGRA TIO IN ONMETROPOLIT AN UTAH DURING THE 1970S AND THE 1980S W.F. Stinner and I. Al-Masarweh In recent year, nonmetropolitan areas of Utah have experienced widespread net migration los e a dramatic reversal of trend that characterized the previous decade.

150 FORAGE PRODUCTION BY COOL-SEASO PLANTS N.J. Chatterton P.A. Harrison, J.H. Bennett, W.R. Thornley and K.H. Asay A better understanding of the physiology and biochemistry of forage plants promise to increase forage production under cool temperature .

157 RESEARCH IN BRIEF An overview of elected research project supported by the Experiment Station.

165 OUR STAKE IN IMPROVING AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES J. C. Ander en Economic growth in developing countries could spur demand for U.S. grain and forage .

174 WHY DID BISO FAIL WEST OF THE ROCKIES? P.J. Urness Hunting, not forage quality, appear to have played a major role in the decline of the bison population west of the Rockies.

180 PERCEIVED RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH CA TILE PRODUCTION AND MARKETING D.L. Snyder Cattle producer in Utah are utilizing only sorne of the production and marketing strategies that could reduce risk.

185 THE ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY OF DIVERTI G HIGHPROTEIN GRADE A MILK TO MANUFACTURING PLA TS R.A. Christen en and S.W. Lei An analysis of the co t and return of assembling milk by protein content.