Table of contents

55 IPM Contribute Solution a Agriculture Approaches an Impasse on Pesticides

60 Rangeland Herbicide Doesn’t Appear to Move Far

61 Turning Insect Against Weeds

62 Monitoring a Biological Nemesis of Grasshoppers

64 IPM Results Convince Fruit Growers

66 Arrival of Africanized Bees will be Unwelcome but not a Catastrophe

69 Targeting Herbicides to Control Brush A Rust to Stop a Weed

70 Orchard Ground Covers that Favor Beneficial Mites and Insects

71 Research in Brief

75 Forecasting Fire Blight

76 Field Test Monitors Changes in Insecticide Resistance

78 Translating a Plant Self-Defense Vocabulary

80 Nematodes: Suppressed but ever Vanquished

82 Farmer Should Benefit a Immigrant Ladybeetle Join Native Species

84 Seed Coat Protein May Improve Disease Resistance

85 Model Track Chemical Movement through Soils

86 Doing What Comes Naturally: IPM Take Root in Forestry

88 The Chemical Change that Transform a Bacteria fromFriend to Foe

90 For the Utah Apple Maggot a Name Change Might be in Order

92 Good Guy or Bad Guys? Plant/Microbe Recognition