Table of contents

88The Dean Retires After 21 Year at the Helm

Sustainable Agriculture Takes Root in Utah

90 Computer Program Help Agriculture Prepare for Environrnental Regulations

92 Sustainable Agriculture: Easy to Support, Difficult to Implement

97 The Fieldwork of Innovation

Better Methods of Pest Control

99 Several Insects Promise to Control Weeds

102 New Farming Tactics May Not Reduce Need for Herbicides

104 Studies Examine Biocontrol of Russian Wheat Aphid

105 Research in Brief

Conserving and Protecting Water

109 Conserving Water by a Reduction in Leaching

110 Is There Enough Water for Both Farms and Cities along the Wasatch Front?

Range Management

113 Helping Ranchers Make the Right Choices

114 Training Livestock Could Cut Oil, Pesticide Use

115 A Ban on Grazing Unlikely to Improve Some Rangeland

118 Saving Endangered Plant while Stopping Grasshoppers

Orchard Management

121 Integrated Pest Management Gain a Foothold in Fruit Orchards

125 Study Weigh Advantage, Disadvantages