Table of contents

Disease of turkeys on the range, by M. L. Miner 1

President Elmer George Peterson by R. H. Walker 2

The problem of virus diseases in stone fruits in Utah by B. L. Richards and A. S. Rhoads 3

Almeda Perry Brown 4

Chemical composition of wheatgrass and its response to season, by L. A. Stoddart 5

How new varieties of mall grains are produced, by R. W. Woodward 6

Mutual irrigation companies -their activities problems and performance, by O. W. Iraelsen J. H. Maughan and G. P. South 8

Irrigated pasture produce large amounts of milk economically and show a high ca h return per acre, by G. Q. Bateman and J. E. Packer 10

Two poison milkweed, by A. H. Holmgren 11