Table of contents

A market for Utah farm products, by G. T. Blanch 1

The Department of Animal Husbandry 2

Factors affecting alfalfa seed setting and production in Utah, by J. C. Carlson 3

Tingey back from war leave 4

Rural Rich County sets the pace for the counties of Utah in home radios, by J. A. Geddes 4

Peach mosaic in Utah, by B. L. Richards and A. S. Rhoads 5

Pasture studies indicate possibilities of more productive grass and legume mixtures for irrigated lands, by W. Keller, G. Q. Bateman and J. E. Packer 7

A preliminary study of cattle grubs in northern Utah, by C. J. Sorenson 11

The function of organic matter in the soil, by J. E. Greaves 15